bw headshot - mgNames: Nick & Jen Adams
Members Since: 2012
Industry: Music & Entertainment
Company: Nuptunes
Title: Co-owners

What inspired you to start Nuptunes?

We were asked to write a song for Nick’s sister and her husband to dance to as their “first dance” song at their wedding. We performed the song live at the wedding, and as soon as we finished, one of their marketing friends approached us and suggested that we make a business out of writing custom wedding songs for couples getting married – needless to say, we loved the idea! We have both been singing and performing from a very early age, so it just made sense for us to do it together.

What do you enjoy most about writing and performing songs for weddings?

What we do is really special because it’s a gift we’re giving to the couple that they can keep and listen to for years to come. They can listen to it on their anniversary, or whenever they need to remind themselves of the love they have for one another. Music is such a unique and beautiful way to capture a love story, and it’s really wonderful to be able to give that to someone.

What do you like about being a NAYP member?

We love living in the valley, and NAYP has been a fun way to get out and explore different venues in the area, as well as to make some great connections on a business level and personal level. It’s great to go out and mingle with other like-minded professionals in the area, and bounce ideas off of one another. Everyone is so receptive and willing to help each other out, and it’s nice to be surrounded and supported by that.